High-Quality Procedural Content

Voxel Farm features the leading systems in the industry for Procedural Generation. Generating large worlds is not enough, it is really about making them memorable and entertaining.

  • Procedural Terrain
  • Procedural Terrain Voxel Instances
  • Procedural Terrain Instancing
  • Procedural Generation L-Systems
  • Procedural Generation Custom Objects

The Sandbox Experience

Voxel Farm allows you to give control to your users. Let them build and destroy.

  • Sandbox Natural Resource Harvest
  • Advanced Game Physics

Get the Triple-A look and feel

If you think voxels are big chunky boxes, think again.

  • Voxel Smoothing
  • UV mapping textured voxels

Ease into the Next-Generation

Voxel Farm adds new exciting abilities to traditional workflows. Get the best of both worlds.

  • Unity Plugin
  • Mesh Simplification Voxel to Polygon

Voxel Farm's output is available in the editor modes for Unity and Unreal Engine.