A new age for the Geospatial Industry

In recent years the demand for capturing, storing and understanding large datasets of terrain and other spatial information has increased considerably. These requirements, known as “Big Data” in other fields of information technologies, are so high that traditional approaches are not applicable anymore. A core paradigm shift is necessary.

Voxel Farm’s stack of technologies and body of research is targeted to answer these challenges. By design, Voxel Farm applications can be of massive scale, allow large numbers of concurrent agents to consume and modify information in real time, and meet the high requirements involved in distributing data to thin and connectivity-challenged devices.

Information on Voxel Farm’s systems, just like the real world, can be genuinely volumetric. Traditional 3D approaches have been concerned with only the surface of objects, making it very difficult and time-consuming to provide a full understanding of the data for both human and automated agents. Voxel Farm, in contrast, allows not only to manage surfaces but also what it is under them, in a consolidated, organic way.

Voxel Farm Cloud

A unique index for diverse data

At their core, all Voxel Farm solutions share a unified spatial indexing system. This single indexing scheme partitions space equally, regardless of the nature of the data, and allows later to provide combined, registered multi-resolution views and reporting.

Among other data types, you can efficiently store, process, query and visualize:

  • Point Clouds
  • Meshes of any complexity and size
  • Volumetric (voxel) data
  • Mega-textures and heightmaps
  • Block Models

Real-time spatial processing

Voxel Farm solutions are designed for large-scale parallel processing. You can perform queries and other complex operations over massive datasets and visualize the results in real-time.

Real-time means the surfaces and results you get are not static and pre-computed. Only a genuinely dynamic system can provide the flexibility your organization needs.

Voxel Farm Cloud

Voxel Farm Cloud

Deliver fast, amazing results

Data can be beautiful. Responsive and rich visualizations will provide a better understanding of your data.

Do you need to include VR and AR, produce high quality renderings of your content for simulations? Voxel Farm is integrated with mainstream rendering systems:

  • WebGL
  • OpenGL
  • Unity3D
  • Unreal Engine 4

Example Projects

Section of Bingham Canyon Mine
Surface from Point Cloud with Ortho-imagery
Santa Cruz Island
Hi-res surface from Point Cloud
Sonoma National Park
Color surface from Point Cloud
Sonoma National Park
Original Point Cloud
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