The Voxel Farm solution includes a thin C# client library. This client allows applications running on .NET to connect and access data hosted by Voxel Farm servers.

The C# Client Library allows the application to create a “view” of content in the Voxel Farm platform. The library manages how the data in this view is streamed from the server to the client. This can be used to create a simple application that just requests data for exporting or further analysis, to complex rendering applications that must make efficient use of network and local resources as users move quickly in space, change queries and viewing parameters, etc.

The C# Client is the foundation of the Unity3D client. For a complete example of how to build a rendering application using this client, please refer to the included Unity3D example. This section also contains examples of how a simple data retrieval application can be built with this library.

In order to use the C# Client Library, it is necessary to add the VoxelFarmCloudLibrary.dll to the C# application as a reference.